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23 Apr 2020

Pick for Britain with Mansfields

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The challenge that Brexit poses for the nation’s farms pales in comparison to that posed by the global Coronavirus pandemic. With travel restricted, the workers who would have travelled, particularly from Europe, to pick and pack fresh fruit to be distributed to shops and supermarkets across the country are unable to do so.

At the same time, demand for food grown right here in the UK has skyrocketed. Every day, Mansfields ships produce from its farms ready for the people of Britain to eat. But to keep meeting this incredible demand and keep our country fed we’re going to need the help of the British people.

Now is the time to Pick for Britain, to join this phenomenal effort to harvest and pack fresh fruit right here at Mansfields farms across Kent, keeping nutritious, fresh food in our shops and supermarkets and on our tables.

Up to 1,500 people are being called to arms over the course of 2020, and with strawberries ready to be picked from June there’s no time to lose.

Join us today

Those who are physically fit, ready to work outdoors and can be available flexibly up to 6 days a week are asked to visit our careers page to learn more and apply online.

Overtime and bonuses are available.

As a vital service we have to keep going and rise to the challenge of feeding our great nation at this challenging time. Your help is essential in achieving that, and we want to welcome you into the Mansfields family and get the job done together.

Paul Mansfield


Mansfields’ Story

Mansfields has been growing fruit in Kent since 1968 and supplying some of the biggest supermarket chains in the UK for the last twenty years. Mansfields now produce over 25,000 tonnes of fruit from 3,000 acres using the most up to date and eco friendly methods available on the market. To explore more of the Mansfields story, visit our story.

Pay as a seasonal worker is £8.72 an hour, typically 8 hours a day, 6 days a week but is flexible. Overtime at £10.90. Usual PAYE and NIC taxes and holiday pay apply. The main duties include picking fruits, sorting them by size and covering the daily target. Bonuses are available for picking beyond the daily target.

Press Kit

Our press kit is available for download below, including this press release, the story of Mansfields, brand assets and photography that is sanctioned for use in related articles. Mansfields reserves all rights and ownership. Please contact us if you have any questions.