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Fresh, quality produce

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Our Fruit

  • Cherries

    Ruby-red spheres bursting with flavour, Mansfields sensational cherries are one of Kent’s greatest exports. View the varieties we grow and find out more.

  • Strawberries

    Vibrant red fruits synonymous with summer days, Wimbledon and the very best of British. Learn about our varieties and what makes them special.

  • Apples

    Crisp, crunchy and delicious, a true taste of the autumn harvest in these firm and round fruits. Explore our apple varieties and learn more about our orchards.

  • Pears

    Tender skins give way to the smooth, light and delicious flesh that make pears such a favourite. Experience our pears and the varieties that we grow.

  • Plums

    Sensationally vibrant, these delicious soft fruits are juicy and fragrant. You can explore the varieties of plums we grow on our farms and find out more here.

  • Apricots

    Round, yellow apricots in a velvety soft skin that are bursting with smooth, sweet flavour. There’s no surer sign that summer has arrived. Learn about our varieties and more.


How we grow

Farming is changing. At Mansfields we have always looked to the future of farming, and embraced techniques and technological innovations that both extend the harvest period for our fruits and reduce our impact on the environment.

We cultivate stunning and delicious produce for our clients on a large scale, and we can only do this because of our forward-thinking nature. With Mansfields you have a trusted partner that’s with you for the long term.