Garbage Gorger MANSFIELDS  1

Putting environmental awareness at the core of all innovation, plans to increase the sustainability of our waste programme are being put into operation, with recycling at the top of the agenda.  

The endeavour is a zero waste to landfill policy; achieving one hundred percent recycling with re-use on site where possible. Already near to completion, all but general office waste is being re-used with some particularly efficient systems in place on the farms, as in the case of Substrate and Coia waste currently being reutilised as mulch under trees for ground water retention.

Where recycling is not possible, we nonetheless persevere for a more sustainable method of disposal. Through investment in a garbage gorger and cardboard bailer, we are actively pursuing a greener process and reducing our carbon footprint; both machines compact waste into smaller bails or containers in order to reduce the number of journeys to landfill sites and ease the process of cardboard recycling. Reduction in vehicle movement on site helps reduce our carbon footprint and makes even non-recyclable waste, greener.