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Our Farms

With twenty farms spread across 3,500 acres of Kent countryside, Mansfields are able to mitigate the challenge of the much loved British climate. With farms extending from Rainham to Canterbury, diversity of location allows our fruit to be planted according to ideal environment, ensuring the right growing conditions for all our varieties.
Every farm has its own unique setting, a deciding factor in what is planted where; the better suited the soil, the greater natural provisions of nutrients and nurture supplied to our crop. Practicing Precision Farming, we strive to understand our farms and our soil in order to tailor planting and fertilisation accordingly. Alongside this, the technology of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) allows us to match seed and soil to ensure the best beginning for all our fruit. Equally the use of Irrigation Monitoring allows another layer of support for our produce, tracking development through soil and water fluctuations, all towards nurturing a first class yield.  
A choice of locations, the know how and top of the range technology enable us, at Mansfields, to grow a complete basket of top produce; from apples to cherries, to strawberries, right here in Englands own back garden. 

Nickle Farm is our main site and is situated on the A28 at Chartham near Canterbury in Kent, it is bordered on one side by the Great Stour River and to the North by the North Downs and consists of apples, pears and plums orchards. The main varieties grown are Cox, Gala, and Bramley apples; Conference pears; Marjorie’s, Opal and Victoria plums

Broad Oak Farm is situated just off the A291 at Broad Oak near Canterbury in Kent. The farm consists of apples, pears, cherries, plums, soft fruit orchards, fallow and woodlands. The main varieties grown are Gala, Bramley, Cox, Spartan and Empire apples, Reeves and Marjorie’s plums, and Abion strawberries.

Middle Pett Farm is situated off the A2 at Bridge near Canterbury in Kent and is bordered to the Northwest by White hill Wood and the south by Gorsley Wood. The fruit farm in Canterbury produces apples (Cox, Bramley, Gala), plums (Victoria, Opal) and strawberries.

Loyterton and Moonfield Farms are managed as one unit. Farms are situated off the A2 between Sittingbourne and Faversham and are in the parish of Lynsted. Loyterton Farm consists of apples, pears, table top strawberries and fallow. The main apples varieties are Cox, Gala and Bramley, pears- Conference and Taylors Gold. Moonfield Farm consists of apples (Cox and Gala) and pears (Conference and Comice).

Pitstock farm is situated off the A2 between Sittingbourne and Faversham, in the adjacent parish of Rodmersham, and consists of apples - Cox, Empire, Gala, Bramley, Braeburn, Spartan; pears- Conference and Comice; and plums- Victoria, Opal, Reeves and Marjorie’s.

Wakeley, Street and Chesley Farms are managed as one unit. The fruit farms in Rainham are situated off the A2 near Rainham in Kent; Wakeley and Street Farm are in the parish of Upchurch and Chesley Farm in the adjacent parish of Newington. Wakeley Farm consists of apples (Cox, Braeburn, Gala, Egremont Russet, Spartan and Bramley), pears (Conference, Comice). Street Farm consists of apples and pears orchards as well as fallow. The main varieties grown are Braeburn and Cox apples. Chesley Farm consists of apples- Gala, Bramley, Cox, Spartan, Braeburn; pears- Conference and Comice; and fallow.

Swanton Farm, our highest altitude farm, 165 meters (536 ft) above sea level, is situated off the A249 at Bicknor near Maidstone in Kent, on top of the North Downs and is bordered to the West by woodland, and consists of apples- Bramley, Cox, Gala, Egremont Russet; Conference pears; cherries- Penny, Regina, Skeena; Opal & Marjorie plum orchards and fallow.

Norton farm is situated just off the A2 at Provender Lane near Faversham in Kent and is bordered on the South East side by Putt Wood, growing cherries and plums. The main cherry varieties are Lapins, Summer Sun, Regina, Penny and Kordia, the plum variety is Victoria.

Rhode Farm is situated on Doddington near Faversham, Kent. The farm consists of apples and woodlands. The main varieties are Cox and Bramley.

Waddenhall Farm is situated west of Stone Street (B2068 road) and east of Waltham village and is bordered to the North, South and West by woodland where we grow mainly apples varieties Braeburn, Early Windsor and Bramley.

Home Farm is situated south off the A299 at Marshside near Canterbury Kent and bordered to the south Chislet, planted with apple trees Braeburn and Jazz.

Guilton Farm- is very close to the village of Ash, which is east of Canterbury and is placed either side of the A257 the Canterbury to Sandwich road. Farm consists of newly planted apple orchards, headlands and area for environmental projects. Main apple varieties are Envy, Jazz, Braeburn, and Gala.

New Place Farm, Icham is sited on the outskirts of the village of Ickham, consists of strawberries fields and fallow, surrounded by productive grade 1 farmland.